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King Towing has earned a reputation in Toronto for offering quality workmanship over the years. We have a team of professional drivers who have gathered experience over the years and are capable of handling heavy towing, flatbed and air cushion recovery services. All of the equipment we use, meet industry requirements and are ISO certified. We follow all the safety precautions while carrying a vehicle and make sure that our customers get their towing securely.

We have a team that has the necessary expertise and experience in safely and securing heavy vehicle trailers or pieces of equipment using these air cushions recovery. These cushions distribute the weight over a large area. By setting them under an overturned vehicle, it can be uprighted without the need to use a tow truck. They can lift a truck without the need to unload its cargo, and also used to perform more complex tasks.

Our team has executed many upright recovery operations over the years. We have extensive knowledge of recovery and vehicle breakdown services. Our drivers are trained with using these large airbags, used to upright the trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. We have helped many companies during recoveries.

  • Assistance during recovery
  • Functions in not accessible areas
  • Lifts & Rolls facility
  • Services in all topological conditions

Why rely on our service?

King Towing has been a known name for offering exceptional towing services in the area. We have an extensive fleet of buses from low light vehicles to heavy vehicles to assist with all your needs. Our team loves to help the people who are in dire need in case of an emergency. With time, we have gained perfection in our work and developed mutual respect among our clients.

  • Quick help
  • Experienced Tow Crew
  • Use of latest tools
  • Reliable services

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