Heavy Towing

The use of technology-driven vehicles has made it a necessity for us to groom and train all our members on the latest technology and test their competency to perform the various towing tasks. We have a large fleet of machines to tow any vehicle, whether small or large.

Thank You for visiting King Towing! We offer you roadside service that will save you thousands of dollars! Our team members are trustworthy and can help you with all kinds of emergency services like boosting, vehicle towing, and tire change.

We provide heavy towing services, as our towing members are trained and have the competence to deal with any towing situation. We will send our most experienced team members capable of handling all sorts of emergencies. Our crew has provided quality services and, over the years, has gained the trust of our clients. We will put in our knowledge to tow and will recover it to the previous state quickly and safely, allowing us to bring you back on the road.

Our team of towing professionals has the skills and expertise to make sure your vehicle is being towed safely. We aim to provide you with the highest quality of towing services as our drivers have been provided training on the latest tools to make them adept with the latest technology. Our team has a full fleet of trucks to tow heavy vehicles and have the required knowledge on how to tow the heavy vehicles. We have a large fleet of vehicles to accommodate your needs, wherever and whenever you want!

Why work with us?

For years, we have been offering quality towing services, and our testimonials are evidence of the same. We have a state of the art facility to train our staff and test their skills and knowledge before they can perform the services. Our team is given hands-on experience to provide them with an idea of the task they will execute in a real situation.

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